Creative Team
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Premier League - Speak Football

NBC's Premier League coverage is brilliantly, authentically British.

To get Americans into it, we created Speak Football: an online guide to get fans fluent in UK football culture.

Our site featured profile videos of each Premier League club, an audio glossary of British football terms, sing-along chants from around the league, an American-to-British (Soccer-to-Football) tweet translator, and even a quiz to grade your football language skills.



When the season kicked off, we worked with Uber to make a custom line of "club cars": a special fleet of 20 Mini Coopers, each wrapped in a Premier League club's colors. You could hail one on opening day and it'd take you to the pub for free.

Inside each club car we put a Speak Football mini quiz. 



To get the word out about the site, we advertised TV during broadcasts, and all over the pubs that footie fans frequent.


Awards: Gold Effie as part of our full NBC Premier League campaign