Creative Team


Dídima Arrieta Martínez + Dan Ahern


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art + copy

Dídima does the visuals and Dan handles the words. Unless it's Spanish.

spain + america

We combine sleek European design with blunt American idiocy. Dídima is from Asturias (northern Spain) while Dan hails from Florida (northern Cuba). 

work + life

We're both partners and life partners. As in, like, we're married. Most people say they couldn't imagine working with their significant other, but we can hardly imagine not doing it. 

dungeons + dragons

...is something else entirely and not really relevant here.

awards + accolades

Dan peaked when he won Best Writer at Felix A. Williams Elementary School in 1995. It was all downhill from there, until he met Dídima and we teamed up to win a few advertising awards. Nothing crazy, although when we were at The Brooklyn Brothers the agency won Ad Age's Small Agency of the Year award. Also, people say we're nice?

experience + expertise

We're currently a Senior Creative Team at Rokkan in New York.

Previously we worked together at The Brooklyn Brothers for a good many years, and for a year at TAXI NY before that. And going way back, Dan interned at Campfire in NYC and then spent a year at Arnold Boston, while Dídima freelanced. We first met and worked together in portfolio school though, at Atlanta's Creative Circus.

All told we’ve got 15+ years’ combined experience (at like, real, paying jobs).

more + more

Want to see more stuff? Dídima’s site has plenty more personal and design-focused work to check out. And Dan’s site… well, it’s certainly a website.