Creative Team


Grazie, the rewards program at The Venetian in Las Vegas, was feeling like another run-of-the-mill loyalty card. And that just won’t do for one of the most stylish resorts on the strip.

We led a full rebranding effort, from logo to promo, to transform Grazie into the key that unlocks the very best The Venetian has to offer.


Don’t have a minute to spare? Okay, here’s a :15.


Design-wise, the crux of this project was creating a new logo with color-and-pattern sets as the foundational elements.

2018_Grazie_combined copy.003.jpeg
2018_Grazie_combined copy.011.jpeg

This part is internal, but sets the tone for what we’re all about as a brand. (We do use the elements for real ads and collateral.)

2018_Grazie_combined copy.027.jpeg
2018_Grazie_combined copy.030.jpeg

An ongoing part of the project is creating a new member guide that feels special and valuable. No more disposable pamphlets.


We’re also working on the app design. It’ll eventually be the most important touchpoint now that we’ve finished the card and website overhaul.

2018_Grazie_combined copy.001.jpeg

Directed by Daniel Castro